Top 10 lists from the world of IT and beyond

Top 10 is a collection of the best top 10 lists the Web has to offer. Topics run the gamut -- whatever amuses, entertains, enlightens. Look for new additions every week.

*New* Open source's ten hottest apps (iTWire)
*New* How to make Palm's Foleo a winner, in ten easy steps (The Inquirer)
Ten crazy (but possible) E3 announcements (
Top 10 IT skills on the way to extinction (Tech Republic)
10 Firefox extensions for the workplace (A Division by Zer0)
Top 10 tech movies reloaded (The Inquirer)
10 funniest "Get a Mac" spoofs (TechEBlog)
Top 10 essential road trip gadgets (
Top 10 funniest gadgets (TechEBlog)
Top 10 worst portrayals of technology in film (
ten books not to read on the subway (Trybecca)
Top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills (Computerworld)
Free Photoshop plug-ins (Tutorial Blog)
Things not to do on your Mac (
Top 10 washable tech products (PC Magazine)
Lame technology mascots (Wired)
Top 10 Internet crimes of 2006 (US News & World Report)
Top ten favorite Guitar Hero II songs (GameDaily)
Ten things to know before submitting to Google (Tech Frenzy)
The top 10 Air Jordans of all time (Top of the Tops)
Top 10 movie one-liners (Ananova)
The 10 best tech products of all time (
Top 10 tech cars (Spectrum Online)
Top 10 alternate endings to 'Deathly Hallows' (Harry Potter Prognostications)
10 tech uses for Girl Scout cookies (Gearlog)
10 Worst games of the past 10 years (GameWad)
Top 10 computer books for the complete nerd (Top Ten Basics)
Top 10 reasons people learn the piano (Pianologist)
Top 10 viruses reported to Sophos in March 2007(sophos)
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design(changeit)
Ten ways being a geek makes you more attractive (Mingle Blog)
Top 10 useless sports traditions (
Top 10 Skype hacks (VMA IT Observer)
The top ten most expensive board games in the world (Yehuda)
The top 10 beat-em-up games of all time (Destructoid)
The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube (FOX Sports)
Top 10 unforgettable hoops shots (FOX Sports)
Top 10 movie creatures (The CinemATTIC)
Top 10 Ikea hacks (Ikea Hacker)
10 weird places to stash your cash (
10 Things to do if you get pulled over (MSNBC)
10 Biggest nerds in TV history (entertainment.wikia)
10 Job hunting mistakes and how not to make them (
10 Ways to prevent interruptions (JobMob)
10 Predictions for XML in 2007 (IBM)
Ten leading open source innovators (Datamation)
Top 10 Digg clones (Product Reviews Net)
Top 10 ways to motor your home (Autoblog)
10 New ways to make money online (Web Worker Daily)
10 Things to hate about the PS3 (
Top 10 hilarious viruses, trojans and worms (Business Intelligence Lowdown)
Top 10 fashion suggestions for nerds (
Ten best free Wordpress templates (Scribez)
The ten best things you can do with Google Earth (Google Earth Hacks)
Skymall's 10 worst products (You Look Like I Need a Drink)
Top 10 Internet scandals of all time (PC World)
TOP 10 most annoying movie kids (
Top 10 great American towns (
Top 10 most anticipated games of 2007 (
Top 10 strangest/coolest NES mods (
Top 10 e-mail missteps, mistakes, and mishaps of 2006 (
The 10 worst games of all time (PC World Canada)
Top 10 wired colleges (
Ten CSS tricks you may not know (
Ten best geek quotes (The Board of Wisdom)
10 online operating systems reviewed (franticindustries)
Top 10 Point-and-Shoot Cameras (PC World)
Top 10 Web 2.0 crushes (Tech Digest)
Top Ten Invented Worlds (Everything Blog)
Top ten dumbest secret identities (Everything Blog)
Top ten geek business myths (Rondam Ramblings)
Top ten vampire myths (Everything Blog)
Top 10 Ruby sites (1879//Blog)
Top ten inventor myths (HiTechRavlik)
The 10 best Internet acquisitions ever (Seeking Alpha)
10 reasons companies fail to retain their best talent (Breakout Performance)
Ten greatest robberies of all time (Everything Blog)
Ten amazing brain facts (Top Ten Secret)
The 10 best horror movie deaths (Maxim Online)
Ten servers that changed the world (The Remarketer)
Ten best things to say if caught sleeping at your desk (Rich Burridge's Weblog)
Ten things you shouldn't buy new (Everything Blog)
Top ten most common phobias (
Top ten women of gaming (Destructoid)
10 Products that set new standards of innovation (BusinessWeek online)
Tiny Lisp course - Lisp in 10 bullets (
The 10 commandments of blogging (A ThinkHammer Blog)
10 Steps you can take to guarantee failure (Achieve-IT)
10 Useful free Windows programs (Techno Terra)
Top ten girl geeks (
Top 10 data loss disasters (
Top 10 reasons to pursue a career in plumbing (Escoweb)
10 Weird science facts you didn't know (
Top 10 investing scams (top 10 reasons)
Top ten lies of Web 2.0 (
Top 10 classic commercials (
10 Reasons why Opera is better than Firefox (top 10 reasons)
Top 10 QB rivalries of all time (
10 Coolest Lego creations (
10 Confusing signs (notusable)
10 Useless or even dangerous first aid myths (ririanproject)
10 Pros & cons of switching from Windows to Mac OS X (The Rantings of Clinton Forbes)
10 reasons people make stupid decisions (Unusual Strange News)
Top 10 headphones reviewed (webpodge)
Top 10 controversial pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life (NewScientistSpace)
Top 10 Apple innovations (applegazette)
10 Secrets to better memory use (ririan project)
10 HDTV myths (engadgetHD)
Top 10 most effective ab exercises (
10 way cool workplaces (The Chief Happiness Officer)
The 10 best unreleased horror movies (The Fright Site)
Unneccessary - but cool - gadgets (Crowdstorm)
Dot-com flops - only 5 but still spectacular (CNET TV)
Top 10 portable grills (
Top 10 Firefox Web 2.0 add-ons (Read/Write Web)
10 Tips for moving from programmer to entrepreneur (Ian Landsman's Weblog v2.0)
10 Best racing games (
Top 10 best presentations ever (KNOWHRblog)
Top 10 dusting tools (
Top 10 Buddhist websites (Buddhanet)
Coolest things seen on Google Earth (topadsensekeywordsfree)
Top 10 Swedish metal bands (
Top 10 scenic drives in the U.S. (MSN Travel)
Here come science's best and brightest: The 'brilliant 10' (USA Today)
10 Significant all-new 2007 cars (
Top 10 concert halls (
The top 10 dark nebulae (Astrophotography)
The 10 best Firefox extensions for Web development (The Moleskin)
Ten 'best damn' all-time baseball plays (
The top 10 Hawaiian beaches (MSN Travel)
10 NFL Quarterbacks on the hot seat (
The 10 Best Resources for CSS (SitePro News)
Top Ten Best Honeymoon Destinations (infoplease)
10 Programming languages you should learn right now (eWeek)
Top 10 worst song lyrics (
10 best movie cars (Autoblog)
Greatest software ever (InformationWeek)
The 10 best mars images ever (
The 10 most beautiful places in America (USA
The top ten OS X screensavers (Phill Ryu's Blog)
10 worst blockbusters of all time (pajiba)
10 best practices for avoiding ID theft (
The 10 best Will Ferrell skits (
Ten MySQL best practices (O'Reilly)
Top 10 wine lists in New York City (
The top 10 video game badasses (GameFAQs)
Top 10 custom JavaScript functions of all time (
Top 10 sites for students (CNET Reviews)
10 best musical works (The Independent)
The 10 best cruise ships in 2006 (Times Online)
10 best places to think you're in a TV show (TripAdvisor)
10 best Firefox extensions (About)
10 best paper airplane designs (
10 best movie fight scenes (
10 best books ever written on investment (Global Investor)
Top 10 ballparks (Citysearch)
Top 10 wines for barbecues (Novus Vinum)
10 best beaches (Yahoo Travel)
Best chips ever (
Top 10 ice cream makers in the U.S. (Fodor's)
10 dumb business ideas that somehow worked (weirdtechnewshub)
Top 10 downloads (CNET)
10 Ways to cut telecom bills (NetworkWorld)
10 terrible URL mistakes (weirdtechnewshub)
10 commandments of cell phone ettiquette (InfoWorld)
10 best Internet spoofs (Wired)
10 biggest tech turkeys of Q2 '06 (CNET Reviews)
Leonardo Da Vinci's 10 best ideas (Live Science)
10 most identity theft-prone cities (
10 Best flickr mashups (webmonkey)
10 alien encounters debunked (
10 best rural places to live (The Progressive Farmer)
10 Really bad ideas (InfoWorld)
10 Worst jobs in science (Popular Science)
Top 10 digital photography tips (Mac DevCenter)
10 people in the tech biz who don't matter (
10 deadliest animals (Live Science)
Top 10 spammers (Spamhaus)
Top 10 geek watches (
10 strangest console mods (Gizmodo)
10 wimpiest cars of 2006 (MSNBC)
Top 10 ways to prepare for retirement (U.S. Department of Labor)
The top 10 killer tornadoes (Tornado Project)
The world's 10 best airport lounges(
10 worst software bugs of all time (Wired)
Top 10 misconceptions about dinosaurs (Museum of Natural History)
Top 10 system administrator truths (The Search for a Good Story)
10 Worst products of the decade (CNET)
10 Ways online gaming will change the world (Pointless Waste of Time)
Top 10 bad album covers (
Top 10 Sci-fi films (Guardian Unlimited)
10 best non-existent sci-fi films (Pointless Waste of Time)
Top 10 Technical resume writing tips (Taos)
Top 10 Webcams (EarthCam)
Top 10 errors Java programmers make (Java Coffee Break)
10 Gadget must-haves (CNET Reviews)
10 Most ridiculous black metal pictures of all time (Ruthless Reviews)
Top 10 stock photography cliches (Forty Media)
Top 10 best jobs (
Top 10 ways to destroy earth (LiveScience)
10 Most dangerous search terms (Office Pirates)
10 Emerging technologies (Technology Review)
10 Most popular baby names (Social Security Administration)
10 Most fascinating urinals (
10 Weirdest USB drives ever (fosfor gadgets)

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