Top 10 Moments of the Lost Season Finale

Lost nay sayers and fair weather friends can do a whole lot of shutting up today. Last nights season finale was one of the most exciting two hours of television ever. In an episode so full of amazing moments, is it possible to pick ten favorites? No, probably not. But we’re gonna do it to fill blog space.

10. Jack Was Having a Flash Forward Not A Flashback – This makes the bottom of the list because it was so damn obvious. But it still makes the list because it was pretty damn awesome -- and raises all sorts of questions about next season. Who’s funeral was no one attending? (prediction: Ben’s) Will flash forwards phase out flash back’s? Who is Kate living with now and how did she beat her murder rap? Will the next season be about finding the island again? God, someone sedate me till 2008.
(By the way, interesting side note. Jack's newspaper clipping mentions the Gran Avenue Project. A Los Angels building tha won't be finsihed till about 2010 so this may take place even further in the future then we think.)

9/8. People Suddenly Getting Stabbed – Desmond Harpoons Mikhail! Locke throws a knife in Naomi’s back! Nothing makes for better television than people suddenly hurling pointy objects into other people.

7. Ben Is Going To Talk The Survivors Out Of It – You may hate the guy but it’s hard to deny that Ben regularly cements himself as one of the biggest bad asses on television outside of HBO. His stone cold assertion that he could get the survivors to stay just with his powers of persuasion reminded us that the little guy is still a force to be reckoned with.

6. Sayid Broke A Dude's Neck With His Legs - Does that really need any more of an explanation?

5. Walt is Back – It may have been a hallucination and he may have aged way to much but it was nice to see him again (our first time since last years season finale.)

4. Charlie Drowns – Alright, it was a pretty needless death… some may even say stupid. (Charlie was holding on to some pretty important information before he went under. Three words scribbled across his hand may not be enough to get the whole idea across to Desmond). Still the act of self sacrifice was a nice wrap to the Liverpool Rockers arc. And Mikhail grinning with that grenade was one of the coolest/creepiest images of the night.

3. No Lame Teasers - The last two seasons of Lost ended with teasers for the upcoming seasons that showed us nothing/told us nothing and alluded to things that never actually happened. We appreicate them sparing us another one. The shows final moments got us plenty excited for whats to come without the help of ABC's marketing department. "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"

2. Bernard Hits! Jin Misses! – Sure, Bernard eventually broke down and spilled the beans to Mr. Friendly but the old man never said he could stand up to intense interrogation. He signed up as a marksman and he did his job, setting off the dynamite. A job Asian Mafia Assassin Jin couldn’t. I’m pretty sure getting schooled by a dentist will get you tossed out of the Yakuza. 1. Hurley and the Hero Bus – The best moment of the whole two hours didn’t belong to Jack, or Locke, or Ben or even the big scary smoke monster. No it was Hurly who won the biggest cheers when he barreled his beloved VW Van straight into enemy territory. It’s not rare that Hurley is often our favorite part of Lost but this time he was more than just a lovable side kick or sponge to soak up the bad feelings of the other survivors. He finally gets a hero moment as big as any of his less plump co-stars. And the follow up moment where he tries t intimidate the other Others via walkie talkie was a priceless bit of comedy.

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